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The Hundred SuperFine

The Hundred SuperFine is made of 100% beaver. We have hand selected these bodies from premium beaver furs and work the body to a silky, smooth feel. This rich felt has been handworked to create a superior hat with a finer and thinner finish than just about any other beaver hat sold today. Davis & Sons crafts a hat that achieves a balance of being lightweight and practical for everyday use. Due to extra hours of workmanship, this hat will have an extremely fine finish, yet also yield an unmatched durability that allows The Hundred SuperFine to stand the test of time.

Shown here in Black Cherry with a crown of 5 1/2″ in a Chute shape and 5″ Roper shape brim along with a self band silver/gold buckle, tip and keeper.

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Difference In Hat Quality

Felt quality and how finely the felt has been worked dictate the the overall quality and standard by which we grade our hats. As you move up our quality standards the better the quality of the felt as well as the amount of time put in to develop the finish.  When it comes to the X grading system things can be confusing as every hat manufacturer has a different scale of grading their product, one manufacturer’s 10x may match the quality of another’s 100x.  We have chosen to move away from the X system as over time hat manufactures have started using this grading system arbitrarily and it ultimately hurts you, the consumer.  The reality is the felt quality is determined by the amount of beaver fur that makes up the hat body.  Here at Davis & Sons Hatting Co. we don’t have a gimmicky grading system, you get what you pay for and there is a discernible difference as you move up the ladder.  Beaver fur is the gold standard for measuring the quality of any hat.  In the felting process beaver fur felts tighter which results in a light weight, ultra dense hat that will stand the test of time.


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