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Over time a well worn hat will begin to show the wear and tear of it’s a daily user.  The natural oils from your hands will create oil deposits that are nearly impossible to remove as seen on the crown of this hat, shown left.  You will also notice perspiration stains at the base of the crown and the overall shape and stiffness of the hat has diminished.

There is no magic trick here, this is the same hat shown on the left after we performed a full renovation.  The hat looks new and is nearly unrecognizable.  We take the utmost care in this process as we know how important a hat is to it’s owner.

 Renovation Prices

  • Renovations start at $110 plus tax
  • Surface Cleans $65
  • Shop Rate $45 per hour

For our Renovation service we are able to completely renovate your current hat, no matter the original maker, and clean it to bring the body back to like new condition.  This service includes blocking the hat, replacing your sweatband and hat liner, hand shaping the hat as well as sewing a new hat band or re-sewing the one you currently wear.  If your hat needs to be re-sized to a larger or smaller size we will re-block the hat as needed.  Whether your hat is a cowboy hat or fedora we can clean it to get you a few more years of wear.

The Surface Clean service is for hats that have general stains that can be cleaned without having to remove the sweatband and liner.

For both services we use very specific methods that clean the hat while preserving the integrity of the felt.  We understand a hat can have sentimental value so we take great care restore the hat and keep it wearable for years to come.

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