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aboutus22In 1980, George Davis began searching for a place to clean his felt hat and finally found one that required a three month wait and had to drive a full state away.  George realized that local hat wearers desperately needed someone to make and service their hats.  George comes from a long, storied tradition dating back to the Spanish Land Grant immigrants, whose daily attire always included a hat.  In June 1980 he left a secure job with the state of NM and took a train to New York with his wife, Maria, on a mission to purchase hat making equipment.  Once in NY George tore a page out of the Manhattan Phone Directory and with an entrepreneurial spirit, some luck and Divine Intervention he was able to secure hat equipment which he had to purchase sight unseen.  Once George had the equipment he needed some guidance on how to use the machinery, the gentleman who sold the equipment stated he had “taken a solemn oath to never reveal the secrets of the trade”.  Although he had taken this oath, he explained to George that he would be able to answer questions with a “yes or no”.  After a few yes’s and no’s George developed his skills and discovered the secrets and techniques of being a Master Hatter.  George and Maria officially opened their shop July 27th 1980 in the beautiful Land of Enchantment.

This rich legacy is now carried on by George and Maria’s sons, Basil and Charlie Davis, who take pride in continuing the trade and providing customers with the finest custom hats and service.  Basil and Charlie grew up in the hat shop and have embraced the passion and techniques that George and Maria have passed along.

abouts44Davis & Sons is a custom hat maker that caters to individuals who take pride in the hat they choose to wear.  We offer an extensive range of options on hat quality, color, style and shape.  If you can dream it we can craft it!

If you’re not sure what you are looking for, we can guide you there as we proudly cater to all hat wearers ranging from Working Ranchers, Wall Street businessman, Rodeo Queens, Children and everyone in between.

We also offer services to renovate, surface clean, re-block and reshape any brand of hat that needs anything from a little TLC to a total renovation.

Davis & Sons Hatting Co. would love the opportunity to work with you on any of your hat related needs.

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