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Davis & Sons Hatting Co. uses only the finest, American made products to handcraft your custom hat from scratch.  We offer the unique experience to customize your hat in any way; we have no limitations and are only confined by your imagination.  Using 19th century equipment and techniques that have been perfected over tens of thousands of hours, Davis & Sons Hatters stand proudly behind their product.  Our customers are buying a high quality, handcrafted piece of art that is built for everyday use and will stand the test of time.  Davis & Sons felts are hand selected from only premium quality furs that are preferred for strength, durability, softness, sheen, weight and texture.

Once the quality of fur is chosen we can stiffen the body of the hat to your preference ranging from supple to very stiff.  Our American sheepskin sweatbands offer the highest comfort and are custom stamped with your name in gold or silver.  We offer a variety of different color hat liners allowing you to further express your individuality.  Your custom built Davis & Sons hat is personally hand shaped and sculpted with precision craftsmanship to your desired preference.

Your custom Davis & Sons hat will be finished with your choice of hat band hand sewn from a wide array of options.  Ranging from various ribbon widths, beaded bands, horse hair, leather or self bands – the options are unlimited. Purchasing a Davis & Sons Hat guarantees you are wearing a one of a kind custom design.

We welcome you to contact us and begin creating your masterpiece.

Our Services

  • New Custom Hats – Western/Cowboy Hats, Fedora/Dress Hats
  • Renovations & Restorations
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Re-Block (Re-Size Larger or Smaller)
  • Re-Shape
  • Customization

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